Friday, April 18, 2008



Inspired by the concentration camp in Austria, which I had the privilege of visiting. It was the saddest place I've ever been.



Friday, April 4, 2008

Swan Song Cover

This was a cover for a book called Swan Song. It is comparable to The Stand by Stephen King in that it deals with the apocalypse and the devil. I was intrigued by Robert Mccammon's vision of the devil as a chameleonic traveller with ever shifting facial features. This image was an attempt to merge that with an allusion to nuclear holocaust. Final verdict: collage is fun.


So this is a hypothetical editorial piece I did for an article in Psychology Today about cynical people. The corroded, cancerous head is no more than a husk; a suggestion of a human form. The idea was something I already had kicking around that turned out to be a perfect fit for this assignment. Ultimately cynicism is a defense mechanism, nothing more than a callous developed from repeated pricks and burns. This took it one step further and showed the cumulative effect.